I've MOVED!!

There's moving, and then, there's MOVING! I took the plunge, packed up, and headed to the place where I grew up to put down new roots. It was a bold and brave move, and now that I'm finally feeling a bit more settled in, I'm embracing this change and all the challenges it has offered.

Moving my home created unique physical and psychological adaptations, some I was prepared for (like the weather, duh!) and others took me by surprise (I really don't remember how to get around the city - it's been a while!). No longer able to just open the door and get a lot of my movement in by taking strides backdropped by sun and warmth, I now had to meticulously plan ALL the layers to face the cold, rain, snow, and yes, wind (this is the "windy city" after all). But even my modest selection of boots, scarves, gloves and long coats didn't prepare me for the clouds. The grey. The day-after-day of sunless skies. That was a true brain-bust to my outdoor movement activities. So, I learned to accompany my walks with talks; in person with a walking buddy, on the phone with a friend, or listening to a favorite podcast (you know - the ones where you feel like you're listening to a good friend ;). And then there was the part about not having a couple "home clubs" or "fave fitness studios" where I taught and made lasting connections and treated my body to a variety of movement explorations. Believe me, getting creative in your condo, by yourself, day after day, can make you a little cray-cray. Branching out to teach at new places and meet new faces has been a glorious way to reconnect with my first love, group fitness. It also means I don't have as many daily solo conversations (or at least not as often).

My point is, MOVEMENT has been the driving force of my transition from one habitat to the other. Yes, there was the move and the boxes and the organizing and the winter clothes, and the learning to drive new routes and the pure shock and stress of the WHOLE move, but it was movING that got me through it. It was through movement that I adjusted. Movement motivated me to get out of the gloom and make new connections. It prompted me to get out of being solo and get into new places. And it facilitated a grounded feeling that I wasn't anticipating - it lead me back to what truly motivates me, sharing my passion of moving with others. 

I am SO excited to have just joined the Group Fitness staff at the Park Ridge Centennial Center! I'm also thrilled that I have been able to join the Highland Park Equinox GFI team as well! AND... the trails behind my condo are glorious - no matter the elements! Plus, it helps that it's 65 degrees and sunny today :) I'm on the MOVE, and, I'm all moved in!