Experience the total body enhancing benefits of Yoga Tune Up® and Therapeutic Yoga corrective movement during private one-on-one sessions, in small group settings , or for special occasion gatherings. I will show you how the Roll Model Method’s grippy, moldable, and portable therapy balls act like rubber erasers as they rub away pain and leave your tissues feeling restored and revitalized. With specialized techniques and restorative movement exercises you can experience healing in damaged muscle, increases in strength, and renewal of healthy movement patterns that can help you live better in your body.



Whether your yoga is a strong sweat-fest, a gentle stretch-fest, or somewhere in between, Yoga Tune Up® offers you more flexibility, mobility, and stability for your asana practice. I will show you how to use  YTU therapy balls to help identify and target your “body blind spots,” allowing you to replenish and rejuvenate areas that are misused, abused, and overused. Roll your way into heightened body awareness and improved alignment in your yoga practice! I will also share with you unique therapeutic corrective movements that can enhance your treasured time on the mat.



I will guide you through myofascial self-massage and corrective exercise techniques that will enhance your stride! Experience Yoga Tune Up® to improve your running posture and foot strike. You can reset tissues that are pulled forward in your upper body and repetitively used in the legs and feet while you run. Therapy ball rolling can bring better breath awareness to your sport as well as teach you to breathe in ways that bring more oxygen flow to your musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems.



Sitting in the saddle for hours upon hours takes a huge toll on the body. The cyclist's posterior chain is chronically lengthened and overstretched, and then the front of the body is constantly shortened and flexed. Using the Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls offers enormous relief to pulled and strained tissues. I will guide you through sport-specific therapy ball techniques that will restore the quads, low back, shoulders, neck and the overworked tissues of your bike-body. Get reset for you next long ride, or recover from the one you just finished, with special self-care, therapeutic exercises that are easy to do anywhere and at anytime!



Long days sitting at a desk, hunched over a computer. Many hours spent traveling in cars, planes, and trains. Meetings and more meetings while sitting and sitting. The Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls can be your answer to practical and time efficient self-care relief. I will teach you easy, portable ways to roll out stiff and grumpy muscles that have been held in chairs and over computers. Learn soothing, relaxing techniques and gain the knowledge you knead to replenish and revitalize your overworked tissues so you can be at your very best no matter what your professional life brings your way!


I work out with a trainer three times a week and take Laurie’s yoga class plus her Yoga Tune Up® RX Series class once a week. It has become an integral part of my routine. Laurie has a great attitude and the classes are both fun and helpful. I find that it truly compliments the rest of my weekly routine and can feel myself getting more flexible and stronger every week thanks to the classes I take with her.
— Jonathan L. | Sherman Oaks, CA
Laurie Streff is an excellent therapeutic yoga teacher. Her class is intelligent and well structured. It gives a great foundation to yoga students that helps with alignment and uses in body awareness to prevent injuries. Her use of the yoga tune up balls would be great to teach your personal trainers. The balls are superior to the foam rollers when utilized properly. Tonight’s class was one of her best!
— Sheldon Katz | Woodland Hills, CA
Working with Laurie for more than a year has made my body stronger and more flexible. Her emphasis on functional movement makes sense for busy lives. She offers several options for each exercise, and each one gives you a great workout. I love my Laurie workouts!
— Karen Alkofer | North Hollywood, CA
Because of her clear instructions and focus on form, you will get results in Laurie’s class. She uses functional movement exercises that create strength and relieve pain. With her vast knowledge of anatomy, strength training and yoga, she is able to offer classes that benefit people of all fitness levels and lifestyles.
— Marion Hebert | Los Angeles, CA
I have been doing Yoga Tune Up® with Laurie for about 4 months now and I am delighted to feel the benefits it has brought me. I am an Optometrist, so while working, I stand tilted to one side while examining a patient. Often mid day I would feel stiffness, tightness and spasm on my hip, shoulder and neck. Since starting the Yoga Tune Up® classes with Laurie, I am now able to stretch and rejuvenate my stiff muscles easily. The small therapy balls are a great way to give myself the deep tissue massage exactly where the pain and stiffness exist.
It has been a “restorative” blessing in my life.
Laurie is Amazing! She explains the anatomy (in simple terms) and gives easy to follow directions.
I would strongly recommend Yoga Tune Up® for anyone who feels tightness or stiffness at the end of the day, before or after exercise.
— Svetlana Fisher | Encino, CA